The Olive Press
Building Father's House

History of "The Olive Press"

In 2010 after returning from Mosambique we sensed that Abba was calling us to establish ourselves in the Northern Cape. Blessed to have our mother Corrie Huyser and the body of Christ praying with us in the Spirit we found this beautiful piece of ground near the Orange River. After four signs confirming the ground as the place that Father God ordained, we once more together with our son Johan, asked Father God to show us His heart. Suddenly from nowhere it started raining on the very dry ground and just as suddenly stopped. We have come to learn that this type of rain is Father God confirming His heart to us as His children!

Lessons learnt: Just as Moses, we wanted to do everything in our own strength, to show our Heavenly Father our appreciation for the love He bestowed upon us. As a prayer mission base we started off with a prayer gathering, inviting partners from Africa and after the accommodation was set up we had our first prayer gathering with 50 people from Africa and South Africa. However instead of focusing only to glorify our Heavenly Father we used the opportunity to further our ministry instead of building our Father’s House as a body united in faith.

Even though we made mistakes Abba caused everything to work together for good, because we love Him and are called in accordance with His purpose as in Romans 8 verse 28. Our Heavenly Father used this prayer gathering to the glory of His Name and the extention of His Kingdom into Africa.

Even though we hoped the outcome of the prayer gathering would result in a discipleship program on the base, that was not Gods plan. As a result we focused our efforts outwards and not on the base, starting the Elijah prayer discipleship school. Once again the Lord blessed it.

In January 2014 Then the Lord showed us to get other missionaries involved on the base so that we could continue building a Spiritual Highway in Africa through prayer houses. As the saying goes, when it comes to God, never say never for Just as God did with Moses, the Lord redirected our efforts back to South Africa after 3 years, showing us to repent for the altars of idolatry in South Africa. During this repentance the Lord clearly showed us to rebuild the prayer altar on the mission base to the glory of His Name.

So what is the lesson learnt? We make plans, but the Lord direct our footsteps just as Moses was taken away from Egypt in order to return - we feel the Lord took us away to train us in order to return. This time we return in unity with rejoicing and thanksgiving in our hearts with the mission that the mission base will be a place where God will be glorified, rather than a place used to build our own ministry.